Reaching Buyers In Uncertain Times, Interview With Anthony Kim, Founder & CEO, Education Elements

Anthony Kim, a successful serial entrepreneur, provides tips on how to use MVPs to test your marketing hypothesis.



  1. Marketing is transferability of your message. It’s about how you make your message land, memorably. Is it something that is bold enough that people remember (e.g. Just Do It, Think Different)?
  2. Use MVPs in marketing to quickly test concepts (e.g. user acquisition)
  3. Your messaging should be unique, to cut through the noise.
  4. Manage your time wisely. Set aside time to reflect and be mindful of what you’re doing (e.g. similar to Agile Sprint retroactive); ensure you’re pivoting in the right direction.


  • 01:35 Overview of Anthony’s company, Education Elements
  • 02:35 What is marketing?
  • 03:45 How Education Elements has pivoted during the pandemic (e.g. no conferences, no in person meetings)
  • 05:35 How Education Elements has adjusted their messaging and delivery
  • 06:55 Training employees how to be on camera, cadence, background
  • 08:06 How the messaging has changed. Easy test: is it unique/bold enough?
  • 09:19 Using MVPs in marketing to quickly test concepts (e.g. user acquisition)
  • 11:45 What’s working and what’s not
  • 14:05 An example of MVP: video interviews. 
  • 15:23 Takeaways (see above)