Fundraising – Why, How, What, Who, Interview With Arman Eshraghi, CEO & Founder, Qrvey

Arman Eshraghi, a successful serial entrepreneur, discusses the importance of fundraising at the right time.



  1. Get to the know the partner at VC firm you’ll be working with
  2. Four pillars for a startup should master: Team, product, planning, and fundraising (capital). 
  3. Don’t rush into raising money. Grow as much as you can on your own, de-risk the business model, so you can have more leverage now, bigger exit and have a better relationship with investors.
  4. Go to VCs after you have some predictability (e.g. next 2-4 quarters worth of projections). Don’t expect them to figure out your business for you. 
  5. Read The Best Time to Engage with a VC by Arman Eshraghi


  • 01:10 Arman’s bio (born, school)
  • 02:05 Overview of Qrvey, interesting history of Microsoft Windows
  • 06:55 Definition of fundraising (from a product founder’s perspective)
  • 12:00 How and when to fundraise
  • 18:38 Build relationships ahead of raising money
  • 19:05 How and what types to get started
  • 25:22 Takeaways (see above)