Overview of the Startup Sidekick video interview program.

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This is Startup Sidekick’s Interview Series, where the storytelling from experienced tech founders and executives provides you with real, actionable tips and advice. Our goal is to help make every startup successful.

Program Overview

  • Target: Executives at startups (CxO, head, xVP) for audience and interviewees.
  • Benefits: Advice for startups. Exposure for your startup (customers, employees, investors, partners). 
  • Format: ~20-minute recorded split-screen video interview.
  • Topic: Pick one “TAG” topic from our success framework
  • Script: See sample here.
  • More: Visit our About page to learn about us (why, how, what, founder).

Interview Process

  1. Meeting #1 (Prep): 30-minute Skype meeting to discuss the topic/format and test the tech.
  2. Meeting #2 (Interview): 30-minute Skype video Interview (will be scheduled during meeting #1).
  3. After: Guest signs release form. Our staff prepares video & blog. You approve. Both of us promote it on social media.
* Skype provides the cleanest video recordings among the popular video conferencing tools.

Recent Interviews