Perfect Your Product Market Fit With The Help Of Customers: Interview With Sam Aparicio, CEO at

Sam Aparicio, a CEO and tech executive, discusses lessons learned from five years of trying to find the ideal product market fit in his now successful startup,



  1. Start a company in an industry where you have subject matter (business domain) expertise
  2. You will make mistakes; don’t try to perfect — iterate, improve, fail/succeed fast.
  3. Work closely with customers to test concepts, get feedback and find product market fit.


  • 01:20 Sam: Background (born, school)
  • 02:15 Sam: How he co-founded and what’s unique about it
  • 05:25 Sam: What market need is (problem, solution, buyer)
  • 06:24 Sam: How startups find their market need 
  • 08:31 Sam: How found their market need
  • 10:34 Sam: It took five years to find their product market fit
  • 11:26 Anil: Pivot in his former startup
  • 11:51 Sam: Advice/takeaways on defining market need