Business Development 101 For Startups: Interview With Pramod Raheja, CEO at Airgility

Pramod Raheja, a CEO and serial entrepreneur, discusses the importance of business development in startups, what it is and how to do it right.



  1. Build long-term relationships with customers and your network (versus quick wins)
  2. Give before you get to build mutual trust (e.g. free consulting, forward article)
  3. Learn the business development game
  4. Do customer discovery before or in parallel when building products
  5. Recommended books: Never Eat Alone and The Accidental Salesperson


  • 00:55 Pramod: Background (born, school)
  • 01:45 Pramod: How he co-founded Airgility
  • 02:49 Pramod: The why, how and what of Airgility
  • 04:55 Pramod: What business development (BD) truly means
  • 06:00 Pramod: His earlier mistakes in BD
  • 08:10 Anil: Building relationships through nurturing
  • 08:48 Pramod: Mistakes and lessons learned in BD
  • 10:40 Pramod: A success story
  • 12:30 Anil: Relationship building includes customers and your network
  • 13:00 Pramod: Advice and takeaways