Importance of Product Strategy For Startups: Interview With Anirban Chakrabarti, Serial Entrepreneur

Anirban Chakrabarti, a tech serial entrepreneur, discusses five key dimensions to a successful product strategy.



Five key dimensions to a successful product strategy:

  1. Customer: Deliver value customer is willing to pay for
  2. Competition: Understand what products your competition is building and serving market
  3. Technology: Entrepreneurs should look at disruptive technologies to provide unique solutions
  4. Channels: Align your product to your distribution model (e.g. B2C/ecommerce, B2B/sales)
  5. Exit: Define potential acquirers and why they might be interested in you (ROI)


  • 00:22 Anil: Anirban’s bio
  • 00:58 Anirban:  Background (born, school)
  • 02:18 Anirban:  Overview of former startup, Nanoscale 
  • 05:50 Anirban:  Definition of product strategy (customer, competition, tech, channel, exit)
  • 10:46 Anil: Discusses his former startup 
  • 11:16 Anirban: Giving structure to lower level decisions (e.g. tech)
  • 12:16 Anil: Similar experience with his former startup
  • 12:38 Anirban: Two stories of painful lessons learned about product misalignment to user experience
  • 15:30 Anil: Similar lessons learned with tech mistakes