Pivot Quickly; Do Not Procrastinate: Interview With Ajay Sravanapudi, Former Startup CEO

Ajay Sravanapudi, a software executive and former entrepreneur, discusses startup pivots, why to not procrastinate and what to focus on.



  1. Speed: Do not procrastinate. Do it quickly; it might be painful but it’s better than having your efforts split across two models.
  2. Plan: Put a business plan together, as if you are doing a new startup from scratch.
  3. Team: Take a hard look at your team. Don’t carry people; it’s better to set them free, so these can prosper.


  • 00:00 Intro
  • 01:31 Ajay’s background (place of birth, school)
  • 02:15 How Ajay got involved with his startup
  • 03:30 Ajay describes what a pivot is
  • 04:40 Ajay’s story about his pivot
  • 09:01 How Ajay managed the pivot
  • 11:26 Anil discusses his pivot at his former startup
  • 12:21 Ajay provides advice to anyone looking to pivot
  • 14:00 Ajay’s philosophy on work life balance and delegating