How To Build A Sales Organization In Your Startup, Interview With Serene Al-Momen, Cofounder & CEO, Senseware

Serene Al-Momen, PhD, Cofounder & CEO, Senseware, shares lessons learned in building a sales organization for her startup.



  1. It’s ok to iterate, try and improve; it’s part of the startup journey.
  2. Each organization is unique, so do what’s best for your market and product.
  3. Move away from cold calling to inbound marketing and land & expand.
  4. Recommendations: Books – Predictable Revenue and Selling to Zebras. Software – Inside Squared.


  • 01:15 Overview of Serene’s startup, Senseware
  • 03:14 How Senseware can be used in schools during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • 06:01 Building a sales organization with the right people, processes and tools
  • 07:23 Senseware’s sales model: highly qualified inbound marketing leads with seasoned sales representatives
  • 14:27 Sales & marketing tools used by Senseware (e.g. HubSpot, Inside Squared, Salesforce)
  • 16:00 Moving away from cold calling to inbound marketing and land & expand (with focus on customer success)
  • 17:50 Takeaways (see above)