How To Build A Great Culture Among Distributed Teams, Interview With Patrick Sheridan, Cofounder, Modus Create

Patrick Sheridan, a successful serial entrepreneur, shares advice on how to build culture in a distributed team.



  1. Your work is your speech (e.g. what did you produce yesterday, what are your plans for tomorrow)
  2. Every company should play to their strengths (e.g. access to talent)
  3. Map out your employee journey, from onboarding to termination; support them with tools, processes, policies, systems
  4. Business don’t fail because of remote work but what’s already going on inside the company
  5. Build routines to support culture (e.g. onboarding, celebrations, support)


  • 01:10 Overview of Patrick’s company, Modus Create
  • 02:47 Definition of remote work, building core culture and systems
  • 07:12 How Modus establishes and maintains culture (e.g. onboarding, reduce administrative work)
  • 12:25 Modus work-life balance, communications, best practices, systems
  • 15:30 Takeaways (see above)