About Us

Launching and running startups is challenging. Despite all the hard work, risks and sacrifices…most startups fail. This is disheartening, considering how much time, effort and money is invested and the potential adverse effects it can have on people’s emotions and health. 

You are not alone. 

Startup Sidekick is a partner in your startup journey.  


Our mission is simple: help every startup succeed.


We believe a systematic approach, a supportive community and practical resources, help increase the odds of startups being successful.


Our startup offerings include a podcast, coaching and an online community.

Company Name & Logo

Our company name is based on the idea of sidekicks in superhero comics, since they are trusted partners to the main characters, the superheroes, which in our world, are the founders and employees at startups. 

Our logo is a mask, made up of our initials (two Ss); the Ss are also meant to represent Successful Startups.




Hello and welcome to Startup Sidekick!

My name is Anil Hemrajani. I’m a serial tech entrepreneur (with two successful exits), a former coder and a software executive with decades of leadership and hands-on experience in product development, at startups and public companies. I’m also a published author and global speaker.

I started this website because I LOVE providing solutions that help startups succeed. I’m passionate about helping others, since running both my startups was an emotional and stressful roller coaster ride. My personal goal now is to make an impact beyond just one startup of my own, by helping thousands of startups worldwide, succeed!

I hope this website helps you avoid some common pitfalls and enjoy the startup journey.