99designs.com, Tap Into A Global Creative Platform

Tap into a global creative platform by crowdsourcing ideas through contests or hiring a designer.

Brand is “a person’s perception of a product, service, experience, or organization.” -The Dictionary of Brand

Every organization needs a unique identity that represents its mission and vision. This is accomplished by having a brand that helps build a perception in your target audience’s mind.

Brand typically includes external facing aspects of an organization such as the name, logo, color palette, typography, messaging, solution, and service.

Finding a designer to get the logo and other visuals just right, can be a challenge. 99designs, a global creative platform, makes this easy…and fun!

Our Startup Sidekick logo (“mask” with two Ss) was a result of a 99designs contest. Let’s take a closer look at how this company works.


  • Website: 99designs.com
  • Headquarters: Melbourne, Australia.
  • Founded: 2008.
  • Audience: Any organization looking for designers.
  • Features: Platform for two ways of working with designers: Work directly with one or start a contest. Includes design management, running contests, collaboration, polling to help pick designs.
  • Pricing: Many design packages including logo & brand identity, product packaging, web page, landing page design, WordPress theme, app design, and several others. See pricing page here.
  • Pros: Beautifully designed platform with robust design and collaboration features. Email and toll-free phone customer service. Reasonable pricing.
  • Cons: Final designs might not match your style expectations (for guaranteed contests).
  • Recommended: Yes!


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  2. Fiverr
  3. DesignEvo
  4. DesignHill


We used 99designs’s Logo & social media pack US$399 package to run a contest.

Over a few days period, we received 54 designs from a dozen artists around the world. We chose three finalists and eventually picked the winner who designed our logo.

We were very happy with the logo but the social media pack didn’t turn out to our liking, even though our artist was extremely talented. He was pleasant to work with, gave us several revisions and was more than willing to go further but we decided we had seen enough designs and wanted to move on.

Also, the experience working with 99designs was phenomenal, given the beautifully designed platform, efficient process, built-in polling feature, toll-free customer service, email follow up response time, pricing, and just the overall makeup of the company. 

I highly recommend them.